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Topic: Post Workout Recovery Tips | WEEK 47 2015yelp-review-icon-A2

By Thomas Weaver Jr – #TommyTheTrainer tommythetrainer (1)Thomas has been a personal trainer and entrepenuer for over 11 years.  His client base includes fortune 500 CEOs, Fashion Icons and A-List Celebrities.  He is the founder and director for uTrain Inc. which is the worlds first personal training and lifestyling service which specializes in in-home, on demand and on the go personal fitness training services.  

As we continue our daily struggle to become our best self we find ourselves contemplating the truths about our modern lifestyles..


This week is my bi-monthly week off.  Each month I take the time to relax and allow my body to recover and heal.This mind and muscle recovery time is some much needed downtime for my body and my mind. During the recovery week I like to focus on mobility and yoga and breathing work.  Most of the focus is towards rehabilitation and loosening my joints and knotty muscles. Strength training does allot of damage to your skeletal tissues and joints and they need this down time.  Allot of guys don’t schedule this down time.  And those guys get injured.  Pretty simple.

Interested in following along with me on my weekly workouts?  Make sure you shoot over your email to me and get started now!! I love having workout partners. For all my subscribers you guys will get the workouts a week in advance so you can join along and we can train together!  I love this kinda stuff!


As always I try to make this as easy to incorporate into your daily routine as possible.  Most of these tips can often be piggy backed or even done simoultaneously!


I always am preaching consistency as the key to achieving your goals.  This has always been and will always be true.  But this is equally true when it comes to downtime in your training regimen.   I don’t care what anyone says. If you don’t take complete breaks from your workout programs in order to recover then you’re doing yourself a disservice.  You have to take the time to allow your body to fully recover, recharge and re-gas.  Forgive the redundancies.  I love analogies.  Seriously though, the proof is in the pudding.

Adam Sandler - The Proof is in The Pudding


Wait till you see my numbers from this week coming up.  I’ll link them up here as soon as the week closes out.    And if you following my Instagram you can check out the updates as they happen. The raw numbers don’t look like much of a jump but it’s more of a subjective truth.  I felt a shit ton of allot stronger then the last time I did the workout and that means allot.  Mental strength is everything and recovery will only serve to enhance it.

#2 – Stop overtraining and Enhance Your Muscle Recovery!

Even if you feel like you’re killing it and you have extra gas in the tank and can push harder, dude you should relax and keep some gas in the tank.  Post workout muscle recovery is a balancing act. Crossfit is allot better at getting their clients injured then results.  Yeah I said it.. And remember that nobody at the top of Crossfit trains how they compete.  If you still believe that they go 100% effort all the time then you’ve drank the coolaide bro. They got you!  Just make sure you stick to the following rules.

Pac mac chill bro


⚖ Calibrate    yes your workouts should be intense.  But you need to calibrate and understand what intense actually means.  Yeah sure, drooling and vomiting after a workout may damn sure be intense but it’ll also destroy your ability to recover quickly and adapt to the demands that you are trying to accomplish. ☠ Intensity doesn’t mean puke  Intensity is pushing a little harder then you did last time, it’s a combination of weights and the effort it takes to move those weights.  An example of increasing intensity would be to push 245 for 5 reps when you could only push it for 3 reps on your last workout.  This is upping intensity and intelligently training.  And if you’re training with a well designed program, this is letting you know that perhaps it’s time to increase the “intensity” (RE Weights)  for the next workout.  That keeps you in that constant growth zone sweat spot.

💉💊Maximization | The Minimal Affective Dose 💉💊

: Maximizing intensity efforts can also be misleading.  Yes maximizing intensity matters a shit ton, but only in order to achieve the minimal effective dose of an exercise in order to maximize the bodies ability to adapt and recover.   WTF? Did he just say?

Funny pic of a dude lipping what the fuck.

WTF Bro!!

You wouldn’t take 5 aspirin when you know the job only calls for 2.  Ya know what I mean? So how does that apply to exercise?  Are you paying attention?  Re-read number 2 above.  And remember you only need as much as it takes for your body to adapt. This takes time and experience to understand but you’ll figure it out. And if you can’t one of my coaches is always here to help.   917-830-5294.. 

#3 – Sleep 💤😴

–  The Magic Bullet for Workout Recovery

This one is a no brainer and goes way beyond the scope of this article, but I will link you to some pretty good sleep hacking articles below.  The bottom line is that for optimal workout recovery you need to be getting a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep per evening. We are talking high quality sleep here.  Not half ass sleep.  Here are a few tips and below that are some links to some more in depth and high quality information to help you maximize your post workout recovery in a minimal amount of time.


⛄️Sleep with a cool room❄️ 

I prefer 64 degrees.  I wouldn’t drop much less than that.  It’s that sweet spot for optimal deep sleep and recovery from training.

📴🚫📵Eliminate all light from your sleep space 📴🚫📵

Cover your windows, remove the alarm clock and either turn the phone ringer off and turn it face down or completely eliminate the devices from the room all together.  This is such a sleep zap and in turn a workout recovery zap.  The world will not fall apart if your phone isn’t in the room and neither will you.

No sugar, water or phone 1 hour before bed. 🚫🚫🚫🌽🍕🍟🍔🍦🍰🚫🚫🚫

This is pretty important.  This allows you to wind down at the end of the day and fall asleep quickly and deeply.  Deep sleep is the optimal way to recovery from exercise and if you screw with your hormones a couple hours before you sleep through sugar ingestion that will wake you up and not allow deep recuperative sleep. Also drinking to much water before sleep can wake you in the middle of the night and disrupt your abiities to return to a deep sleep state.

lady explaining that you need to sleep to recover from workouts GIF



Duh.  But seriously the old adage you are what you eat is as relevant today as it ever was.  Eating healthy good whole food sources, preferably organic, sustainably farmed and non GMO varieties.  This will maximize recovery and help you get moving towards training hard another day.

  • Best Post Workout Recovery Drinks
  • Best Post Workout Recovery Supplements

#5 – SUBCONSCIOUSLY THINK THOSE MUSCLES INTO RECOVERY.. Meditate – 20 minutes a day that’s what I say. 

Muscle recovery and mental recovery often go hand in hand.  When you complete any workout routine you’re body releases

andy sandberg meditating


.  This can cause adrenal fatigue and enhance stress which will reduce muscle recovery. Meditation is proven and well documented at decreasing cortisol in the blood stream and relaxing the body.

  • Meditate young padawan.

#6 – Take cold showers or Cold Plunges:

This has been a knowledge that has been around for thousands of years.  In the modern world it has graduated to some pretty cooky things like cryo-box freezing at -250 degrees. IDK WTF that is but apparently it helps allot and is quickly effective.  Ofcouse I think its a bit gimmicky and a good old fashioned cold plunge is in order.  Just cold water for the same effect.  No hyper expensive energy intensive devices necessary.

Save The Polar Bears

Save The Polar Bears

#7 – Hit the spa:  5 + 6+ 7 and 9  all go right together.

Dude kill a bunch of birds with a single stone.  Meditate, cold plunge and catch up on some sleep.  Sheee.. I’d live at the spa if I could. I would highly recommend getting a membership.  They usually run around $200-$300/ month but it’s well worth it.  Or, If you can get a membership at a seriously top notch collegiate facility or pro facility they tend to roll this into those packages. And one that didn’t make the list was massage.  Super important but I didn’t include it directly because it can be included here.

#8 Drink alcohol for Muscle Recovery??  WTF?

arnold schwartzenegger smoking a joint

Arnold was the man!

The classic story goes that Arnold used to tell people to drink beer to get bigger muscles.  Well truth is there may be some truth to that. There is evidence that suggests that extremely light alcohol consumption, I’m talking a shot of wine, helps to engage the bodies cells in a process called cellular hormesis.  Essentially what the booze does is cause a minute amount of damage which will incite a rapid alternative cellular response. A popular term relating to workout recovery in exercise is called super compensation.  Basically it’s the exact same idea.  Ok i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, there isn’t a bunch of evidence that this will help with muscular recovery post workout, or I haven’t personally found it, but  the theory makes sense. When you drink booze it effects all cells in the body.  With that logic and armed with the knowledge of cellular hormesis, a small amount of booze should in theory give the entire system a small jolt and help to enhance recovery.  Just make sure that you boost your liver up with some milk thistle.

#9 – The Ultimate in Muscle Recovery is Making Sure Your Muscles are Ready to Work!!

Warmup, Cool down.. stretch and relax your way to post workout recovery.. 

You can even do number 5 while you do this one.  This one has been preached through the millennium.  It’s constantly relayed in grammar school and even more so in all of the modern fitness magazines.  Ofcouse not much time is given on how to properly perform stretches and even less is given on how long you really should be doing it. In the modern world we now know that traditional stretching is sorta antiquated and doesn;t really work.  It’s relaxing but you get way more bang for you recovery buck by incorporating dynamic and functional range patterns like functional range mobility techniques.  In laman terms, this is basically stretching while you’re moving around. Think of a martial artists kicking only in slow motion and you’ll get the general idea.  Its slow and deliberate but at the full end range and loading typically helps to enhance it.  Again beyond the depth of this article but if you’d like to learn more about the functional range technique check out Dr. Andreo Spina’s website on this pretty cool technique.  

Bonus:  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  It’s telling you all you need to know about recovery!!!!

This one may seem obvious but there is so much crap information from online gurus telling you to just push through it.  Dude that is fucking stupid advice.  Just pushing through being tired is fucking dumb and results in injuries and suffering lost days in the gym. If you’re tired then listen to your body.  If you aren’t optimizing your sleep and recovery and nutrition, or perhaps you have excessive stressors in your life that you’re neglecting, then you need to fix those stressors.  Why you’re tired can be so many different variables, but lets keep it really simple. If you’re feeling super tired and you’re trying to push through a workout because your online program says that Wednesdays workout is to be done on wedneday then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Most online workout programs that you get are broad and general designs that rarely take into account your individual ability levels.

  • The uTrain Inc Online Personal Training Program does exactly that.  We take you through each step in your programing process and meticulously progress and regress your program as you need it to be.  There is no other online personal training programing that even comes close!  And please forgive the cheesy ass video.  It was shot a long time ago and I don’t love it.
Well that’s it for this edition of Diary of a Personal Trainer.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
Please make sure you comment and share and tune in next week where we will be going over how fitness effects your mental health and how to ensure that you optimize your workouts to enhance your brain!!  going to be a can’t miss.
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