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A Great American Motorcycle Journey - SouthWest by SouthEast

Join me on my motorcycle trip from the southeast to the southwest.

In August of 2017 I will embark on a crazy journey of self spiritual realization and personal challenge. Over the last two years I have gotten rid of almost all my worldly possessions.  From my most prized and cherished to the mundane and meaningless.  I have cleansed myself of all things hindering me. All except for one thing, my motorcycle. I absolutely, positively must achieve this rebuild with my motorcycle. The Kawasaki ZR1100. Theres no way she isn’t coming on the entire journey with me.

I know eventually I will have to retire her. But for now it’s just me and her. My pal, my confidant. My horse. Inseparable.

I have no credit cards.
I have no support other then certain friends and family.
I have started over from scratch.

I’ve literally hit the erase button on my life and restarted. You know how they do it in the video games. Yup that’s what I did. Here’s the log and the journey. I have $500, my wits, my motorcycle, my iPhone and the generosity of the gods, the universe and the people I meet along the way.

I write in the hope of telling my story and that is all. Any benefit from this is residual. Not necessarily intentional.

Check out more info about me and why i’m participating in this lunacy. Happiness and or the pursuit of it. I have no fucking clue. But the point is that I am doing it. Fail or not. I’m scared. I’m broke. I’m confused. But I’m fucking doing it.

GREECE - 2011

πολίτης του κόσμου

Were the obsession began..

Part 1: 👉🏽👉🏼👉🏿Part 2: 👉🏽👉🏼👉🏿

Nashville - 2016

In the Heart of Music City

Were the obsession began..

Part 1: 👉🏽👉🏼👉🏿Part 2: 👉🏽👉🏼👉🏿

Paris - 2016

citoyen du monde

Traveling through the city of light..


Tommy Wolf

New York + Nashville + Los Angeles

Creative Director and Photographer

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