We together are creating a new America!  One of truth, of understanding and truly of the people.

You are now part of a movement to change the world forever!  Relinquish your ego and become a part of a bigger America.  An America that no longer believes its the center of the world.  An America that knows we are only a small part of a much bigger world.

Seek to understand, not to control.  Ask, don’t tell.  Be a citizen of humanity.

“Building towards a collective of community. We want all in our community to excel, if one falls we all fall,
individualism dies at the door.”

It is the duty and the goal of each of us to own and respect the relationship we have not just to humanity,
but to the earth and our brothers the animals of the world.

We are all in a symbiotic relationship of progression. It is our mission to uphold the standards of
our brethren with the utmost diligence and concern for equilibrium.

Selflessness is the key to becoming the change and inspiration we need to become
better human beings and re-establish that equilibrium!

A person who can extinguish ego will care more about the world and the current state of humanity.
Greater health of spirit is concurrent with greater consciousness.
We are a movement towards change!

..Empathy, Creativity and Compassion..
Working with humans and respecting our planet requires every ounce of empathy, creativity, and compassion a human can muster. For far to long, man has believed that he is the master of Earth.  Little does he know that Earth is the master.

The best humans end up carrying the burdens and struggles of this world and of humanity with them, into their own lives. A great human not only takes on the burdens of their selves, but also of their friends and family.

We work diligently in our own daily lives to be better in order to serve as the example and lead those who live with fear and lack of understanding through an example.  T

hrough patience, through understanding and through the realization that many people with neither understand or respect the mission we set out to achieve.  This is how we strive to live.  And this is how we will encourage others to live.

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