Traveling Through Greece - Part 2

Sophrosyne (Greek: σωφροσύνη) is an ancient Greek concept of an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind.  When combined in one well-balanced individual leads to other qualities, such as temperance, moderation, prudence, purity, and self-control.
The great concept that you must know yourself in order to achieve happiness.
Humanity is much bigger then the sum of its parts.  We all have a bigger purpose in this life.  We all have an obligation to flourish and to add to the human condition in a positive and constructive way.
The first step in that path is humility.

Sitting on The Steps of the Acropolis

Traveling through Greece is beginning to teach me a few things..

Simple truths of life begin to set in.



Birthplace of Democracy. Alexander the Greats School. Aristotles library.


You cannot walk through the chambers of this building and not look on in awe.


The grounds hum with the echos of some of the greatest minds and men of antiquity.


I’m humbled.  I’m dumbfounded.  I’m so small.  Relinquishing ego and opening your mind in


this place is easy to do.  Absorb the vortex of energy.  The special nature of the space permeates the air.


To become a bigger more full human I have to realize how small I am.


Lets go explore..



Portrait of me at the Acropolis

Trying to be fresh.. 😉

Portrait of Johny at the Acropolis

Staying fresh as always..
Portrait of John Ligas shot by tommy-wolf

Long Live the Greeks 🙌🏾

Thoughts of the Ancient Acropolis

Lessons in Humility

To become a bigger more full human we have realize how small we are. It’s only in understanding that we are but a drop in the ocean of humanity.  This will set me forward towards understanding my full potential.


I’ve struggled with this idea all my life. Being 33, I am right at the nose end of the generation called the millennial’s.


Being a part of this “special” generation is fraught with pitfalls.  We are a generation that lacks humility in a very big way.  We;ve been taught a poor lesson by our fathers.


Visiting the acropolis..

I feel small.. I feel humble..

We’ve been brought up to believe “we are unique and special snowflakes.”  And maybe some of us are.  But the majority of us are not.

And hen you walk among the Acropolis you realize very quickly how small you actually are.

Not because of the shear size of it, but because you are walking 🚶 where some of the greatest men in history have walked.

Great Men of History Called the Acropolis Their Workpace..

How could you not be humbled knowing the men who walked these grounds?

Because you are experiencing the place where democracy was born.  Where the greatest conquers of the western world have studied.  Where many of the profound truths of life where discovered.

It’s humbling and awe inspiring.

.. but even the mighty Acropolis was and is a work under construction..

As you think on it further you start to realize that these men where just men too.  Men who enjoyed thinking and not being thought for.  And you begin to find the inspiration from  of all those ancient spirits roaming about.


If you know me personally then you know that I can preach sometimes.  I don’t want to preach today.  So i won’t.


But I do feel like its pretty important to acknowledge how small we all are.  Even though these men gave pepsin’s truths and wisdom’s of life, even they didn’t have it all figured out.  We I learned this, then I was reminded we are all adding to a greater human work.

Humility is knowing what you don’t know.  And being here reminds you of it.

I’m so inspired.


Until tomorrow my friends..



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